Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  • Perform aircraft maintenance/structures/avionics activities;
    I Inspection of airframes, engines, operating equipment, components, parts, etc., in accordance with the work packages and
    task cards;
    I Carry out a scheduled inspection on aircraft as per applicable maintenance programs;
    I Inspection (“buy back”) of airframes, engines, operating equipment, components parts, etc., in all stages of repairs to
    ensure that the repairs/work performed is in accordance with standards and specifications designated on approved
    documentation, drawings, manuals, etc.;
    Perform Maintenance Releases in accordance with Companies MPM and Customers’ requirements;
    Document discrepancies and raise NRCs in accordance with Company Policies & Procedures and Customer Manuals;
    Determine the proper corrective actions required to rectify discrepancies;
    Estimate the time required to complete NRCs and coordinate with the Production and Trade Supervisors to ensure that the
    labor requirements for all trades have been accounted for;
  • Identify part requirements and raise purchase Requests;
    I Work in close coordination with the Production and Trade Supervisors to ensure that the work is performed within the
    scheduled time frame;
    • Supervise and provide technical guidance to the technicians. Coaching & training;
    I Ensure personnel are following instructions and performing tasks in accordance with the company’s policies & procedures;
    • Route to quarantine unserviceable, time expired, or rejected parts pending disposition;
    I Inform the QualityAssurance Manager of any deficiencies with the MPM or any improvements that may be required;
  • Ensure that all replacement parts are inspected and properly certified prior to installation;
    I Perform Receiving Inspection Authorities functions;
  • Ensure that all work is performed in accordance with company quality standards, policies & procedures and Regulatory
    Authority requirements ITC, FAA, etc.);
  • Ensure that Aircraft documentation is completed in accordance with the company’s standards and operator’s
    requirements. Report employees that are not compliant to the Quality Assurance Manager;
    General Administrative & Management
  • Ensure the workplace is clean and safe at times;
    I Promote safety Management systems & raise sMSs whenever required;
    • Actively explore new ways to increase productivity while maintaining quality;
  • Promote continuous Improvement ActMties & incentives;
    I Adhere to company policies and procedures;
  • Adhere to the Employee Conduct Agreement;
  • Adhere to safety policies.
    Education and experience
    • Trade school -Aircraft Maintenance
  • 3 years experience in aircraft maintenance
    I Ml and/or M2 License