Specialist/Manager, Water Resource


Reporting to the Director, Operations, the Water Resource Specialist/Manager will be responsible for the management and continuous improvement of the Watershed Systems in Ontario.


• Managing watersheds using principles of sustainable development, ensuring sustainable operating practices and capacities, compliance and effectiveness monitoring of watershed management plans and continuously monitor the usage of the water resources to determine potential improvements and implement change;

• Determine limits and constraints on managed rivers reservoir levels and flows to meet regulatory commitments, and to accommodate identified structural, environmental and societal needs;

• Determine operating limits of a variety of hydroelectric assets, establish solutions to operating problems, and facilitate new or revised operating procedures;

• Develop utilization strategies to support best-use practices of water resources, optimize commercial benefits, propose performance appraisal standards and procedures, and generate facility performance and conditions reports;

• Provide forecasts of energy production for financial and operations maintenance planning, and develop plans and schedules for the optimum use of the hydroelectric assets;

• Assist with the management of public safety aspects of the Environmental Management System and participate in multiple-stakeholder and community relations in regard to public safety, water management planning, and regulatory compliance;

• Ensure effective records and documentation management, including supporting regulatory compliance issues and activities, filings, and reporting requirements.

Required Experience

• Between three (3) and five (5) years of relevant experience in water resource management and/or environmental sciences;

• Bachelor’s degree in one or more of: civil engineering, earth, forestry or biological sciences, physical geography or other related disciplines;

• Ability to work independently and with a commitment to safety;

• Self-motivated and a team player, and a demonstrated dedication to self-development and self-directed learning;

• Experience in the development and presentation of utilization strategies and plans;

• Knowledge of hydrology, hydroelectric dams and station operations, modern water management methods and tools, and ability to read and understand technical plans and specifications;

• Experience/exposure in the hydroelectric power generation field preferred;

• Strong analytical and organizational skills, and employs a practical, adaptable, innovative, collaborative, and solution-focused approach to issues;

• A good understanding of project management processes;

• Ability to organize, plan, manage, and schedule multiple tasks of competing priority;

• Excellent verbal, written, and presentation communication skills and planning/scheduling abilities;

• Demonstrated excellent computer skills, including advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint), and knowledge of database design fundamentals.

• Ability to travel remote rough/natural terrain during environmental extremes for the monitoring of physical condition and performance of assets is essential;

• Ability to work a non-traditional work week, including “off-hours” and weekends.

We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities. Accomodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process

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