Information Management Advisor


Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines

We are looking for a strategic thinker with an information management (IM) background that can provide expert advice for the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHF) Branch, Northern Development Division.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:

Maintain and administer the agency’s website, SharePoint sites and software systems, coordinating with other divisions and agencies as required to resolve issues and implement products

Lead and coordinate information management and information technology (IM&IT) activities’ performance management

Develop and maintain a framework for IM&IT planning and develop quantitative and qualitative performance measurement criteria

Lead, plan and make recommendations to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, security and privacy of IM&IT policies, standards, practices, technology, programs and services

Provide expert advice and recommendations on management of information

Provide business and information support to ensure that IM direction and planning are achieved

How do I qualify?

Specialized Knowledge:

You have the ability to efficiently interpret and apply relevant acts, regulations, policies and guidelines used to manage information (i.e. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Open Data, Guide to Privacy Impact Assessment Process).

You have knowledge of policies, procedures and best practices relating to record keeping, file plan structures, and records retention schedules.

You are abreast of current IM&IT trends, standards and emerging technologies in order to provide practical strategic planning expertise, and provide training to end-users.

You have knowledge of policies, procedures and processes on procurement in order to select, negotiate and manage agreements with vendors.

Analytical and Strategic Thinking Skills:

You have demonstrated analytical skills to identify and assess strategic directions, priorities, decisions and impacts of changes.

You have strategic thinking skills and political acuity to assess agency requirements/needs and emerging trends, and to provide advice.

You can effectively evaluate, assess and prioritize I&IT proposals and options.

You can assess the viability, sustainability and feasibility of problem resolution options.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

You have proven consultation, facilitation and customer service skills to create, develop and maintain relationships and liaise with a diverse group.

You have sound relationship building skills, tact and diplomacy to develop trust and credibility.

You have influencing, persuasion and negotiation skills and the ability to anticipate and understand differing points of view, build support and make recommendations.

You have strong communication, networking and writing skills to effectively prepare reports and make presentations.

Computer Skills:

You are proficient with computer operation and software applications to maintain agency platforms such as the NOHFC website and SharePoint sites, as well as troubleshoot software problems related to in-house programs, prepare complex reports as well as manage data and information.

Additional Information:


  • 1 Permanent, 70 Foster Dr, Sault Ste Marie, North Region


  • Less qualified applicants may be considered on an underfill basis.
  • E-ND-153731/20
    The information that you provide for the purpose of this competition and the results from this competition may be used to fill other positions These positions may be of various tenures including short-term assignments. Your information and the results from this competition will be retained for the purpose of filling vacancies in accordance with the applicable collective agreement or policy provisions.

How to apply: