Academic Dean

Algoma University

Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is a member of the University’s academic administration. S/he is appointed by the Board of Governors upon the recommendation of the Algoma University Senate. The Dean provides operational oversight of academic programming. The dean promotes the faculty, provides leadership to the faculty, and provides leadership in the University community. The ultimate goals of the office are: to build and support a talented, committed body of faculty; to promote innovation and effective teaching and learning; to assist academic units in the ongoing development and delivery of academic programming. The Academic Dean functions as Acting Vice-President Academic and Research in the absence of the VPAR.


A. Leadership for the faculty

  • Overseeing the hiring process for new full-time and part-time faculty;
  • Exercising operational responsibility for all academic staff (full-time faculty, part-time faculty, Faculty Chairs, Department Chairs and Program Directors)
  • Providing or arranging for the mentoring of new faculty and assisting faculty in the promotion and tenure process
  • In consultation with the VPAR, overseeing the organization and delivery of academic programming for all campuses
  • In consultation with the VPAR, overseeing the organization and delivery of online/distance/technologically assisted academic programming
  • In consultation with the VPAR, developing annual budget proposals for academic programming and administering those budgets in a manner that is both fiscally responsible and consistent with the stated academic objectives of the University
  • Making recommendations on the use and improvement of instructional space and equipment
  • Fostering a team environment within the Faculties and cultivating strong relationships among the Faculties
  • Providing leadership and support to academic programs/departments and to the Faculties, including guidance in relation to academic policies, procedures and regulations, as well as requirements flowing from the relevant Collective Agreements
  • Attending Faculty and Department meetings, as invited
  • Ensuring alignment of faculty hiring processes with the University’s equity and diversity policies and practices
  • Participating as appropriate and as required by faculty Collective Agreements
  • Exercising operational responsibility for program coordinators, faculty assistants and for office staff

B. Leadership in education

  • Working closely with the VPAR, contributing to the development and implementation of the Algoma University Academic Plan
  • Leading initiatives and fostering the promotion of innovative and effective teaching and learning
  • Managing the University’s academic Quality Assurance process and providing leadership in other initiatives to maintain and improve academic standards and the quality of academic programming
  • Facilitating and supporting the development of unique, innovative programs that have the potential to increase enrolment
  • Overseeing e-learning initiatives, including the development of online academic program content and faculty training and capacity-building

C. Leadership in the Algoma University community

  • Where appropriate, mediating or settling disputes involving students and/or faculty and playing a role in appeals processes
  • Working collaboratively with all sectors in the University to support and promote the Algoma University Strategic Plan
  • Encouraging and celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion within the student body and

the faculty body and promoting a culture of respect

  • Co-Chairing the Strategic Enrolment Management Committee, with the Director of Strategic Enrolment
  • Attending, whenever possible, academic events such as public lectures, thesis presentations and student performances
  • Engaging in Advancement activities, public activities and outreach as required, to benefit the academic endeavours of the University

D. Promotion of the University and its academic work

  • Working collaboratively with all sectors in the University to support and promote the Algoma University Academic Plan
  • Effectively communicating a clear vision for the academic programs to the internal and external communities
  • Promoting the academic achievements of faculty and students, as well as the quality of academic programs both internally and to the broader community
  • Developing increased opportunities for university-college academic partnerships and for academic partnerships with other universities
  • As required, working effectively with prospective students, donors, alumni, industry to generate opportunities and to advocate for the University’s academic work

E. Other

  • Chairs the Dean’s Council
  • Is a member of Senate and its committees, ex officio, and other internal committees as required
  • Supports and promotes the vision, mission and Special Mission of the University
  • Teaches one three-credit course or equivalent each academic year (requires prior approval from the Vice-President Academic and Research) or carries out an ongoing research program
  • Attends Board of Governors meetings as appropriate and provides reports as required
  • Engages in Advancement activities, public activities and outreach as required, to benefit the academic and research endeavours of the University
  • Performs other duties as assigned from time to time by the Vice-President Academic and Research


  • Earned doctorate, preferably in a discipline taught at Algoma University
  • At time of appointment, tenured status and Associate or Full Professor rank


  • A proven track record in progressive leadership roles, excellent planning and relationship management skills
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to foster a collaborative environment across the campus community.

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